WS01: Designing for Experiences with Socially Interactive Robots

Saturday 29 September 2018
Mohammad Obaid, Kirsikka Kaipainen, Aino Ahtinen, Ioana Ocnarescu

Location: Informatics building: postscript

In this full day workshop, we will discuss the emerging field of Social Robotic technologies with a particular focus on interaction design methodologies used in the design process. The workshop will investigate how researchers have approached designing social robots and what we can learn from the interaction design field for future designs. The objective is to engage in multidisciplinary discussions to unleash possible approaches and aspects that would support design inspiration for socially interactive robots. Thus, the main activities will encompass two interactive sessions and a discussion panel on approaches that inspire the design of social robots. In particular, we focus on experience-driven design methods involving rituals and memorable experiences with social robots. This workshop will bring together HCI and HRI researchers, UX designers, artists, and engineers who are interested in designing socially interactive technologies.