WS07: Learner-Computer Interaction (Cancelled)

Michail Giannakos, Kshitij Sharma, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Pierre Dillenbourg, Yvonne Rogers

The Workshop of Learner Computer Interaction (LCI) aims to provide an interdisciplinary playground for researchers and professionals across all areas of learning technologies and HCI. Participants from a variety of organizations are invited: learning science, learning analytics, educational psychology, and researchers in interaction, design and digital literacy. LCI aims to develop a critical discussion, debate and co-development of ideas and approaches about the next generation of learning environments and their interaction design capacities; the form of these capacities and the way they can be identified, utilized and enhanced to help us improve the contemporary learning technologies and users' learning experience. The results from the workshop are expected to form a coherent new, high-impact way of understanding and building learner-centered interaction concepts to support the design of future learning environments.